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Casual, friendly, creative, and  fun listen to a story from a friend that is sure to educate and entertain.


Music is my outlet and a way to express the emotions too close to my heart to discuss out loud. Whether happy or sad I can bring out all the feels in the span of a song.


Whether playing a rebellious princess, seductive temptress, or an alien from mars my creativity in bringing a character to life knows no bounds. 

Voice Over

Direct from my home studio the fun never ends. Wacky, informative, or intense, the possibilities are endless. 

The heart behind the voice...

Amanda is a Voice Over Artist born and raised near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania surrounded by a large family that always kept life interesting. Whether screeching like a pterodactyl at the grocery store or singing obnoxiously to our favorite jams in the car there was never a lack of energy or laughs in our household. 

Obsessed with all things Disney, music, and theatre everyone around anyone could expect a song or Disney reference in nearly every conversation. Even as a young child Amanda was always quick to put on a show solo or with whoever was close enough to fall victim to the creative outlet at the time.


Now as a mom of three we get to drag the kids into the fun of character play, impulsive singing, and entertainment. Together we strive to help others see the beauty in having fun and following your dreams! 


Check out my VO vocalist portfolio for a list of accomplishments I am particularly proud of!

"Thinkers educate the world. Dreamers inspire the world. Helpers improve the world. Doers change the world. "


 - Matshona Dhilwayo

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