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Amanda Jo VO

Save Money (And Get Better Work) By Hiring Your Voice Over Artist Directly!

Hello! My name is Amanda Jo. I'm a freelance voice over artist with a notably wide range, and I'm here to help you make your next project as successful as possible. Located in Central Pennsylvania, I’ve got over 20 years of performing experience (both in voice overs and as an actor), and I can knock out a high-level commercial read just as easily as I can help you bring the characters in your stories to life.

Would you like a fully-produced, edited, and ready-to-use read from my own booth, or would you prefer that I travel to you and work with your sound editors? I'm a versatile and experienced performer with solutions for all your voice acting needs.

Your script is important to you, so it will be important to me, too.

If you're casting the wide-eyed girl next door, a sage maternal figure, the temptress, or maybe a badass fighter? I can do that. But I can also get creative, and work with you to develop something entirely unique to your work. My pricing is very affordable, and because you’re working directly with the talent, you save money by cutting out the “middlemen”! It all goes straight to a hardworking mom, who will hustle to make your project a success the same way she does for her own. To get a quick quote, give me a call at 717-654-6316, or shoot me an email.


My Studio

If you hire me for your project, you can expect high quality work delivered on your schedule. Because I’m capable of handling an entire job myself from within my own studio, most people find that I’m also a very cost-efficient option; I can do the narration for an audiobook one day, and handle the engineering the next morning over coffee. So what are you waiting for?! Listen to my demos, then give me a call to hear my voice in person, and to get a quote for your project. I’m happy to answer any questions, and I’ll bend over backwards to make sure that your next big read is everything you imagine it being.

Call 717-654-6316 for a free quote, or contact me at

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