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My name is Amanda Jo

I'm a freelance voice over artist with a notably wide range,
and I'm here to help you make your next project as successful as possible.

Located in Central Pennsylvania, I have over 20 years of performing experience (both in voice overs and as an actor), and I can knock out a high-level commercial read just as easily as I can help you bring the characters in your stories to life.

If you're casting the wide-eyed girl next door, a sage maternal figure, the temptress, or maybe a badass fighter? I can do that. But I can also get creative, and work with you to develop something entirely unique to your work.

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Home Studio Specs:

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Scarlett 2i2



M-Audio Nova (Class A)

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—Pngtree—headphone icon vector for_4308657.png
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Adobe Audition



AKG K361


Sennheiser HD 201

RAW Home Studio Sample

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What do the clients say?

"Amanda has a beautiful voice and brings your book to life with her narration. She puts her heart and the necessary emotions into each sentence, that makes anyone love listening to the book. She is very professional, dedicated, and works on your project passionately. I highly recommend her!."

Self-Help, Audiobooks

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